How to Organize Your Clubs in a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Organizing your clubs in a 14 slot golf bag is an easy way to keep your clubs organized and avoid the risk of shafts banging against each other. You can also easily locate your clubs to make the most of your round. Having a well-organized bag can make you look like an expert on the golf course, and will help you navigate the course more efficiently.

Where do I put my stuff in my golf bag?

Most 14 slot golf bag have two or three compartments. Each compartment can hold a different type of club. There are also pockets for tees, ball markers, and divot repair devices.

The best way to organize your clubs in a 14 slot golf bag, is to start with the woods. The longest clubs should go in the back of the bag. They should be placed on the back side closest to the straps.

Next, place the long irons in the upper middle row. The driver should be placed in the back left compartment. The short irons should go in the bottom slot.

The putter should be placed on the back of the bag, next to the straps. You should avoid placing putters without head covers in the bottom slot, because they can scratch the surface of the bag.

If you have expensive clubs, you should protect them from damage if the bag gets knocked around on the golf course. You can do this by placing a club head cover on them.

You should also use a wet cloth to clean the bag after each use. You can use rubbing alcohol if necessary.

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