Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Percentage

cancer and capricorn compatibility percentage

Cancer and Capricorn are both active, initiating signs with strong emotional dispositions. Although they can sometimes be catalysts of conflict, both can also be emotional pillars of support. Their contrasting strengths complement one another and make a great combination. Capricorn is a strong motivator and gets things done; while Cancer is a great listener and counselor.

The most common attraction between Cancer and Capricorn is their love of beauty and new ideas. They will work to overcome their differences and make their relationship as strong and creative as possible. While the two signs are highly compatible, they will struggle to reconcile their emotional differences. If they can find common ground on those issues, they will be a great couple.

Because both signs are so passionate, the love between Cancer and Capricorn is likely to be intense. The combination of these two signs makes for an exciting and stimulating love life. These two signs will strive to be loyal and protective of their loved ones. They will also be devoted, which will have a positive impact on their relationship.

Cancer and Pisces are also compatible signs. They are close in many ways, including their shared element of water. They are both deeply spiritual and empathic. Together, they can create a harmonious family. Despite their differences, both are loyal to each other. In fact, cancer and capricorn compatibility percentage are attracted to one another’s family. However, there are some differences that could cause treason. Cancer can be overbearing and too controlling.

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