A Guide To Finding A Good Recruitment Agency

To recruit for a pharmaceutical position in France, you need to find a recruiter that suits your needs. A recruiter is a person who not only finds qualified professionals but also provides guidance and assistance in terms of arranging the process so as to save time and money as well. The best way to approach the recruitment process in France is to approach a recruitment agency that is accredited by both the Health and Food Safety Supervisory Authority (HFSSA) and the European Pharmaceutical Agency (EFPO). Agence intérim can be described as the most prominent pharmaceutical recruitment agency in France and is recognized internationally for its professional approach and high quality services. The agency is run by the Compignade Gestionnelle, a private limited company situated in Nice, France.

Opening a Recruitment Agency in France – What Do You Need?

The first option available for pharmaceutical recruiters is usually more cost effective and time consuming. This has led to a booming pharmaceutical recruitment agency industry in France. However, it is also very easy to establish a recruitment agency in France since there are no special legal requirements for such a business. For instance, a person does not need to obtain a registration number, which is mandatory for all businesses.

A recruitment agency in France can also be used to conduct a job search. The best recruitment agencies will provide complete support in the initial stages of the search including establishing contacts with all potential candidates. Apart from this, the recruitment agency should also have the capability of conducting interviews, providing on-the-spot training, offering benefits and various other benefits and discounts on insurance premiums. In addition, they should also be able to offer tips on the best career choices for the pharmaceutical job seekers.

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