Motorcycle Tyres NZ

Motorcycle tyres are a key part of motorcycle maintenance. They are designed to support the rider as well as be attractive and comfortable. Major companies are now investing as much in the performance and stability of their tyres as they do in their aesthetics. When choosing a new set of tyres for your motorcycle, it is important to consider what type of riding you will be doing.

Important Factors In Motorcycle Safety

When choosing new tyres for your motorcycle, you should remember that you should contact a specialist tyre dealer to ensure the best fit and performance. While you’re at it, check for uneven tread wear or cracking on the sidewalls. Check for excessive wear or puncture damage and replace your tyres if they are showing any of these signs. Check the tyre pressure on your motorcycle as well to ensure you’re riding safely.

You’ll also want to consider the tread depth. You’ll need at least 1.5mm of tread depth in the main grooves. These grooves are marked with a small flap of rubber measuring 1.5mm high. You’ll need a gauge to measure the depth in several spots around the circumference. Anything less than 1.5mm is not good enough – the lower the pressure, the worse the performance. It’s better to go with 2mm if you can, as this will give you traction and stability on wet and dry roads.

It’s important not to skimp on tyre maintenance, as tyres are one of the most important factors in motorcycle safety. Don’t take short cuts or take shortcuts, either. The best way to ensure that your tyres are safe is to take a slow ride for 100 or 200km, taking extra precaution and checking for damage. And if you do need to change your tyres, don’t worry – there are many places to get new ones.

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